Our Story

Undead Unicorn

Our Story

My name is Clare Nolan and I'm an AuDHD, (autistic and ADHD), artist living and working in beautiful North Devon.

I have always enjoyed art and being creative, and when I moved to North Devon a friend and fellow artist asked me to join her in a new venture.  We opened a stall at our local pannier market selling jewellery.  I was new to polymer clay but had quickly fallen in love with the medium, and I opened the stall with a small, colourful range.

Although my friend moved on to sell exclusively online, I continued with the stall and still trade there every Thursday to this day, at the South Molton Pannier Market, voted the Best British Market for 2023.

I don't follow trends or what other artists are doing, when I create I simply follow my interests, enjoying the process of creating.  I have a varied range of influences and create a wide range of art.  I love glitter and rainbows, and fantasy creatures, but I also love skulls, witchcraft and the macabre.

Although I began working in just polymer clay, making jewellery, I have expanded my materials and range to include mica powder, glitter, metal leaf and resin, and now create books, cards, wands and spell bottles too.
A small range of my jewellery is available on this website, but if you follow my social media and see something from my wider range that you would like, you can contact me via messaging or email, and I will be happy to arrange shipment.