My Story

About Me

I am artist and creator, who can't ignore the urge to create unique and beautiful things from nothing.  Ever since I was a small child, I loved to create objects and toys from cardboard boxes, and junk I found around the house, or in our garage.  I would spend hours drawing entire worlds, filled with bright and exciting characters.


I struggled my whole life to try and fit in with social groups, and had very few friends growing up.  I was often left out or bullied.  My struggles didn't end when I left school, and the bullying and discrimination continued in the work place, resulting in several mental health breakdowns.  The last of which ended in a medical retirement due to severe depression and anxiety, I was told I may never be 'well enough' to work full time again.
I worked several part time jobs, and began exploring my creativity as a way of improving my mental health.  I fell in love with creating polymer clay jewellery, and started developing my skills.

Discovering I was autistic in my late thirties was one of the most freeing and validating experiences of my life.  I viewed my entire life through a new lens, one of understanding and acceptance, (you can read more about my experiences in my blog).  
Today I am a proud autistic woman, mother, wife, artist and business owner.  My differing neurology, and way of processing the world around me, helps me to create the unique and quirky pieces I do.


About My Work

I create unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewellery, using polymer clay to make beads, pendants and other focal pieces.  I love to experiment by adding glitter, mica powder and metal leaf, and will often add other media, such as driftwood, vintage keys, rocks, and gemstones.  

Each and every piece is totally unique, with beautiful accent beads and exciting colour combinations.  When you find the pieces that call to you, they will truly feel like an extension and expression of yourself.

Making quirky and unique jewellery is an absolute passion that brings so much joy to me, and I am delighted every time I see my work bring joy to my customers.

So, welcome to my website.  Have a look around, check out the blog posts, sign up for the mailing list, and see what else I've got going on