Learning To Take The Journey One Step At A Time

Like many people, the pandemic has had a huge impact on my business and the way it works.  During the first lockdown I just waited, hoping that it would be over soon and could return to working in a normal way.  But, by the second lockdown I realised that I had to make changes to the way my business worked if it was going to survive.


I began trying to figure out how to sell online, and how to attract buyers and market my products.  I quickly realised it was going to be more complicated than I had imagined, and that I had no idea what I was doing.
I ended up doing what a lot of people do in this situation, I started looking for business courses, and tutorials offering free help.  I looked at workshops on using social media for business, setting up mailing lists, and building websites.  I felt like I was desperately scrambling around trying to find that magic piece of information, or course that was going to fix everything, and not really getting anywhere.  I was still as lost and confused as I had been at the start of my search.

Then I stumbled across a free mindset workshop with a coach named Alexis Fedor.  I joined the 7 day course and committed to turning up for the live every single day.  I did my own, very first ever, facebook live as part of that course.  An experience that felt so terrifying that I was in tears beforehand, and shaking throughout it.
The course was really useful, and I learnt a lot about finding your 'why story', (I had never even realised this was a thing I needed to work on in order to form a cohesive brand identity), and finding out my 'who', as in who are my ideal customers that want to buy my product(s).  Although I now had a reasonable understanding of the broader sense of those concepts, I couldn't figure out how to reconcile them with my business, and my growing brand identity.

Armed with a few more pieces, but nowhere near completing the puzzle, I continued to look for help online.
That's when I found a mindset coach for creative women, Ali Mapletoft, who was offering a free 9 day course - The Prosperous Creatrix Workshop Series.
This workshop was game-changing for me.  It opened my eyes to the negative stories I'd been telling myself, about how people 'like me' don't get to be successful, and to my unhealthy relationship with money, and the scarcity mindset I experienced around it.
Coming from a working class background, money was always seen as elusive, and a struggle to get hold of, even harder to keep.  For the wealthier classes this isn't the case.  They view money as flowing in a cycle; you send money out and more money comes in, there will always be more, and it can be invested and grown.  Their money works for them, they don't work for it.

Changing my perceptions around money, and my relationship to it, is an ongoing process, a process I am determined to keep putting work into.


I have continued to work with Ali Mapletoft, doing another free workshop, this one 10 days long, called The Art of Aligned Revenue Generation for Creatrix Leaders.  Which was again packed full of useful information, and many self-discovery revelations.  I now about to embark on an 8 week, paid course for business development, called Art Pays.

I've learnt an awful lot about myself and my mindset along the way.  One of the most powerful messages for me came when we were discussing having a vision and plan for your business, knowing where you want to end up, and figuring out the steps to get there.  Ali made a brilliant analogy that has stuck with me, she told us to imagine our business vision and goals as a mountain in the distance.  We imagined we were on a journey to that mountain, and the journey was thousands of steps long.  If we try to visualise and plan out each of those thousands of steps in advance, in pain-staking detail, it's going to take a very long time, it's going to take a very long time, we're going to be exhausted and we are unlikely to get very far like that.
She told us to only worry about the 'next step', take the journey one step at a time and if you make a misstep, or wrong turn, it's only one step, and you can take a new direction, and a different step next, it doesn't end your journey.  The mountain will still be there when you look up.
This really stuck with me, this concept that 'the mountain will still be there', that my journey is a series of single steps, and I don't need to know every single one, or have it all planned out ahead of time.  All I need to do is keep moving forwards, a step at a time, and my mountain will still be there waiting for me.


So that's what I'm doing, taking single steps towards that mountain in the distance.  I may not have all the pieces in place yet, but finally I am starting to see the big picture of my journey into a better mindset.

If you would like some encouragement on that journey towards your own mountain, join me in the One of a Kind Women group on Facebook.
If the courses I have mentioned sound like something you need, then please check out The Creatrix Club - Business Success for Ambitious Creative Women on Facebook.

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