Honouring The Women Who Came Before

Do you ever feel like giving up?  Like things are too hard to do, your visions too difficult to create and act upon.  Do you feel sad, and constrained by a lack of options?  Or perhaps you feel like an imposter for chasing your dreams?

It can be hard for women to claim things of their own.  We are taught from an early age that we should be polite, and non-confrontational, the we have responsibilities.  Often, in our adult lives, we run ourselves ragged trying to be all things to all people.  
We end up martyring ourselves, by demanding feats that we would never expect of anyone else, all whilst stubbornly refusing to ask for the help and support that we so desperately need.

This comes from a place of fear and scarcity.  We are terrified at the thought of handing over control to someone else, whilst lamenting that there is never enough time, or money, or energy.  We deserve better.

So what can help us break free from this limiting mindset, that keeps us small, that tells us not to dream too big, and stops us from valuing ourselves enough to ask for the help we need?
We can remember the women who came before us.  Stretching out through our history is a lineage of women.  Women who were talented, creative, skilled, resourceful.  They may have been weavers, seamstresses, painters, musicians, and very few of them would have been able to express themselves, or to use their talents in the ways they would have wanted.  Their lives were hard, and their opportunities few.
We would have been their wildest dreams!  To have the freedom that we have today.  Freedom over our relationships, reproduction, occupation.  We can truly choose our own paths, we can follow our passions, and explore our talents.  It may be difficult, and it may be scary at times.  But the sheer scope of what is possible to us, would be the stuff of pure fantasy to those ancestral women.

We still have further to go in society, with equality, equity and acceptance.  But we have opportunities, if we are brave enough to take them.  
So the next time you are stuck, or scared, or resisting that decision that will lead to growth, ask yourself, "who's daughter am I"?

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